5 Pump Up Songs Athletes Use, And You Should Too (Part 1)

CBS Denver

By: Adam Bloom

Our Pre-Game Playlist series, that can be found at CBSLocalSports.com, features athletes sharing the music they’re currently listening to.  This includes songs they enjoy blasting in the car to music that relates to their mood.  A common ritual these athletes have shared is their pre-game pump up song.  Here are five athletes and their adrenaline pumping, mind focusing and motivating pre-game jams.

1. Jason Hammel, Pitcher for the Chicago Cubs – “Basket Case” by Green Day  

(Getty/Michael Buckner) (Photo Credit: Getty Images/Michael Buckner)

“Basket Case” by Green Day is the song Jason Hammel enters the game to.  He chose the song because it “has a good kick, a good bounce and good energy.” You can buy this Green Day jam here.

2. Zach Johnson, PGA Tour Golfer- “Back in Black” by AC/DC

(Getty/Sebastian Willnow) (Photo Credit: Getty Images /Sebastian Willnow)

Zach Johson told Pre-Game Playlist that if there was music for when he walked up to the tee…

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Time for England’s veterans to step down?

Matt's Sports Blog

There was pleny of positivity, for England, leading in to this World Cup. When the doubts of heat, and whether the players had been well-rested after a long season, were waved away by Roy Hodgson. We were all told England were as prepared as they could be.

A lot of belief was spread from fans that they would top the group, With young stars like Raheem Sterling and Ross Barkley, I was inclined to agree with them. However at this World Cup anything is possible. If we look to the near future (tomorrow night) every England fan will be wishing Italy can crush Costa Rica by a comfortable goal difference. If the Italians draw or lose then England will be following Spain to the airport. However if they win then the English come to their biggest game yet (with their fate still at the feet of the Italians too). Tuesday…

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