The wonder of St Ives – You won’t need to go abroad…Now that’s Kudos



St Ives is an artists paradise.  The light is somewhat different in St Ives and some may say it’s a myth but it’s definitely true that everything seems in HD.   Take yourself around the town which has an array of great restaurants and art galleries and if you walk up fore street, one of side streets near the Harbour, you’ll come across a great little place called Kudos.  Ran by Martin Phillips, Kudos is open for 8 months of the years and is a collection of rare and unusual artefacts from all over the world.  You’ll even come across a genuine mammoth tusk!  This tardis like shop is filled with an array of weird and wonderful things and is without a doubt one of the gems in St Ives if shops are your sort of thing.  Prices on artefacts range from £10 right into the tens of thousands so,  just be careful not to knock something over!

A bay along you’ll also find yourself at Porthminster Beach.  This for me was an amazing moment only four years ago (before the ties and stresses of children) where my partner Jane (now my wife) and I went for a meal at the Porthminster café.   We were seated for our meal and outside I looked and one of the most beautiful golden beaches I had ever seen.  I had to pinch myself to check we were in the UK.  The meal was amazing and four years later we’re returning, this time, with children and grandparents.   We’re only two days into our holiday so I’ll no doubt elaborate further in the week.  But for now, I’ll leave you with the wonderful St Ives.






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