Alan Brazil called it – Spain out

It has happened a few times previously when the world champions have crashed out of the World Cup only 4 years after conquering the world and lifting that hallowed gold cup. Italy, France and yes even Brazil have suffered the humiliating fate but Spain??? No surely not. Not Spain. The incredible, mesmeric almost impenetrable Spain who have only conceded 4 goals in the whole of qualifying. But yes just under a week ago, something happened which people thought inconceivable. Spain were hammered 5-1 by those orange speed merchants holland and all of a sudden the veil of invincibility was starting to be questioned.
Bring us forward a few days to Spain vs chile. Spain had rallied and regrouped and were determined to ensure that did fall to the same fate to some of those great teams before them. Spain had rung a few changes, and xavi, perhaps the greatest midfielder of his generation was left out for the first time in 4 years. Only this time it was tactical and not because they were resting such a great player to prevent injury.
Spain lined up ready to correct the wrongs that had been inflicted on them under a week ago but alas, Chile had clearly not read the script and within a minute, Spain were nearly found 1 nil down from some neat little interplay from Chile and some sloppy play from Spain. Something was in the air and that cloak of invincibility was quickly unravelling. Chile were incredible, never letting Spain rest and of all people, Alonso was starting to be forced into uncharacteristic wayward passes that was letting chile in left right and centre. Chile made it to the first half one nil ahead, and not through luck. They were good for it.
Spain started the second half with koke on to try and drag Diego costa into the game but Spain were just not at the races. They played they normal ticky tacky football for 8-10 minutes and all of a sudden chile were back on it. Pressing, hustling, out working but most of all out playing Spain in the right areas of the pitch and through there skill, and endeavour they found themselves 2-0 ahead. Nothing changed. A few players were brought on for Spain but in truth chile could have had a couple more and Spain were left crying on the plane back to Madrid firmly with their tail between their legs. So on the day that the king of Spain abdicated, so it was that the kings of football also laid down their crown.


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