The wonder of St Ives – You won’t need to go abroad…Now that’s Kudos



St Ives is an artists paradise.  The light is somewhat different in St Ives and some may say it’s a myth but it’s definitely true that everything seems in HD.   Take yourself around the town which has an array of great restaurants and art galleries and if you walk up fore street, one of side streets near the Harbour, you’ll come across a great little place called Kudos.  Ran by Martin Phillips, Kudos is open for 8 months of the years and is a collection of rare and unusual artefacts from all over the world.  You’ll even come across a genuine mammoth tusk!  This tardis like shop is filled with an array of weird and wonderful things and is without a doubt one of the gems in St Ives if shops are your sort of thing.  Prices on artefacts range from £10 right into the tens of thousands so,  just be careful not to knock something over!

A bay along you’ll also find yourself at Porthminster Beach.  This for me was an amazing moment only four years ago (before the ties and stresses of children) where my partner Jane (now my wife) and I went for a meal at the Porthminster café.   We were seated for our meal and outside I looked and one of the most beautiful golden beaches I had ever seen.  I had to pinch myself to check we were in the UK.  The meal was amazing and four years later we’re returning, this time, with children and grandparents.   We’re only two days into our holiday so I’ll no doubt elaborate further in the week.  But for now, I’ll leave you with the wonderful St Ives.





Time for England’s veterans to step down?

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There was pleny of positivity, for England, leading in to this World Cup. When the doubts of heat, and whether the players had been well-rested after a long season, were waved away by Roy Hodgson. We were all told England were as prepared as they could be.

A lot of belief was spread from fans that they would top the group, With young stars like Raheem Sterling and Ross Barkley, I was inclined to agree with them. However at this World Cup anything is possible. If we look to the near future (tomorrow night) every England fan will be wishing Italy can crush Costa Rica by a comfortable goal difference. If the Italians draw or lose then England will be following Spain to the airport. However if they win then the English come to their biggest game yet (with their fate still at the feet of the Italians too). Tuesday…

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Don’t be too down England. Ox will hold the key!

It’s no secret that England love to involve ourselves in a blanket of hype before a tournament and then get knocked out earlier than we anticipated. But this was a little less drama than our usual type of loss. No penalties. No contentious decisions. No major injuries to key players! – really it was just two positive performances with two negative results and both times inflicted by two world class players, Pirlo and then Suarez.

Not since 1958 have England been knocked out at the group stages which now looks almost certain to be the fate bestowed upon us. However, amongst all the misery and feeling of déjà vu, there are a few more glimmers of light than most of the English press will have us believe tomorrow.

Take ourselves back to the emergence of Owen and then Rooney. Ultimately, at the time these were the figureheads that the nation was pinning our hopes upon. Too much pressure on such young shoulders. However this time, there is not just one player who showed hope for future tournaments. In fact, there’s not even only two. This time there is a group of young talented young players emerging that will stand us in good stead for the future. Yes they are far (and let me emphasise that in capitals) FAR from the finished article but there is promise. Sterling is lightening quick and strong and seems to have pretty much everything in his locker aside from his decision making. Wellback is an amazing retriever but needs to improve his composure in front of goal to be top class and doesn’t seem to get himself in the right positions enough. Then there is Barkley who may be the one to add a little bit something special when needed in years to come. But there is one player in particular who is yet to have a poor game for England and seems to just be made for the shirt. And that is Oxade chamberlain.

It was such a big disappointment for him to get injured just before the World Cup but in truth it could have been far more crucial than people realise. In an England shirt he has showed composure, penetration, sat nav passing, but more than anything he provides that little bit of spark we have missed for years and years in the centre of midfield. We’ve had numerous great players in that position. Gerrard and lampard to name a couple and yes Sven, we still remember you plonking scholes out on the left every time when he was rated by nearly everyone who has played with him and against him as the greatest English midfielder of our generation. So let’s not miss the opportunity with The Ox. Use him and you will not be disappointed.

So let’s get to despondent however depressing it seems to be almost certainly out of the competition so early. Because we will get better, we will improve and we will qualify for the euros in two years time. And if we recognise the talent we have in Oxade chamberlain, we can build a team around him and utilise all the other promising young talents we have coming through and if we do, mark my words, come the euros we will at least get to the semis! Only the semis I hear you say?! Well hey I’m English…. I can’t be too optimistic!

Alan Brazil called it – Spain out

It has happened a few times previously when the world champions have crashed out of the World Cup only 4 years after conquering the world and lifting that hallowed gold cup. Italy, France and yes even Brazil have suffered the humiliating fate but Spain??? No surely not. Not Spain. The incredible, mesmeric almost impenetrable Spain who have only conceded 4 goals in the whole of qualifying. But yes just under a week ago, something happened which people thought inconceivable. Spain were hammered 5-1 by those orange speed merchants holland and all of a sudden the veil of invincibility was starting to be questioned.
Bring us forward a few days to Spain vs chile. Spain had rallied and regrouped and were determined to ensure that did fall to the same fate to some of those great teams before them. Spain had rung a few changes, and xavi, perhaps the greatest midfielder of his generation was left out for the first time in 4 years. Only this time it was tactical and not because they were resting such a great player to prevent injury.
Spain lined up ready to correct the wrongs that had been inflicted on them under a week ago but alas, Chile had clearly not read the script and within a minute, Spain were nearly found 1 nil down from some neat little interplay from Chile and some sloppy play from Spain. Something was in the air and that cloak of invincibility was quickly unravelling. Chile were incredible, never letting Spain rest and of all people, Alonso was starting to be forced into uncharacteristic wayward passes that was letting chile in left right and centre. Chile made it to the first half one nil ahead, and not through luck. They were good for it.
Spain started the second half with koke on to try and drag Diego costa into the game but Spain were just not at the races. They played they normal ticky tacky football for 8-10 minutes and all of a sudden chile were back on it. Pressing, hustling, out working but most of all out playing Spain in the right areas of the pitch and through there skill, and endeavour they found themselves 2-0 ahead. Nothing changed. A few players were brought on for Spain but in truth chile could have had a couple more and Spain were left crying on the plane back to Madrid firmly with their tail between their legs. So on the day that the king of Spain abdicated, so it was that the kings of football also laid down their crown.